Immediate Clothing Printing Service

Direct clothes printing program is one of the hottest new movements in clothes printing. Also referred to as DTG producing, this technology is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to print tiny quantities of custom tee shirts or hoodies. This can be a full-color option that makes it easy to build a detailed style or logo on your t-shirts. The process is significantly faster than screen printing, and it is very more economical meant for single patterns as well.


DTG printing is a textile decorating technique that uses state-of-the-art revised inkjet ink jet printers. These printers have professional print brain that apply water-based ink straight to fabrics and textiles. The inks are absorbed by fibers, which means your designs won’t crack or lose colour over time.

The sole limitation to DTG is the fact it will only work with fully cotton or perhaps natural-fiber fabric. Typically, merged fabrics will not work with this form of printing, however, you may always check with all your printing enterprise to see what their procedures are with regards to specific clothes. Before these kinds of printing, your shirt will have to be pre-treated, the industry process that sprays the garment with a special way to flatten the fibers and prepare them for printing.

This can be a quick procedure that should only take about 24 hours to complete, therefore it’s the best option for last-minute orders. The price of this method of printing will be different, so it is very important to find a stamping company that gives bulk savings the more you order.

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